Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Silent Language

I struggle each day trying to figure what our son needs. I can't help but wonder if there is more I can do to help him comunicate with me. We read often & I have been attempting to teach him baby sign language for the last year. I try to be as consistent as I can because I beleive that is A key to raising children, but there are still only a hand full of things he signs back to me. We have successfully conquered Milk, dog, ball, please, thank you, and most recently drink. I have tried to learn the animal signs for the books we read most, but still there isn't any reciprication there. I know Caleb understand us when we speak to him, But I feel like there should be more words. I am curious if me teaching him signing is preventing his speech in some way. I guess that is a question for the new pediatrician. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that he is communicating in the ways that he does. It's truly amazing to see him watch me for so long and then one day I ask him " can you say_____" and POOF he just does it. I don't want to be naive in thinking that there will not be anymore bumps to get over, since Caleb was born so early. Remembering when the Neonatologist came to me room that Friday, brings that reality back so freshly. He said there was a 60% chance our baby would survive, an 80% there would be some developmental issues and 25% of those being significant. And here we are 18 months later still unsure of what these next years will bring but I do believe he is a more amazing Miracle in so many ways. As I mentioned before in previous post, our son is a precious reminder of how much God loves us and what a Miracle worker He is. It seems like since his birth our life is sprinkled with situations that continuously remind me where we have come from. I seem to hear more and more about Micro preemies being born, there are movies that talk about 24 weekers like the movie I just watched- OctoberBaby. Even this weekend at church I was reminded by the music of how much God's peace was/is with me;how He is with me/us-Always. I want to elaborate a little more on this weekend, But I'll save it for the next post.