Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Man I Know!

This morning started out at 5am with a bottle for the little one in preparation for his eye exam downtown at 7am. After 3 hours of being there at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute we were finally able to go home. The doc said that Caleb's eyes were slow to progress, but that they have not gotten any worse. Because he was a MicoPreemie he has an eye condition called ROP, which you can read about here. We know that his eyes can take up until he is 70 weeks gestational to correct themselves and we have decided to trust that God will heal his eyes completely in His time. NOW that the yucky exam is over we can celebrate Daddy's birthday tonight.
I am so happy that we have loved each other for the last 15 years. We were High School and College best friends and sweethearts and now we have a life time to create more memories for our family. Speaking of memories, the picture above is one of my favorites from high school. But back to tonight we will celebrate with Ryan's favorite Hot Wings from Sports Grill and then a homemade chocolate cake with Ganache topping.
So here's to Love, Laughter, Life, Family and Good Food!

Happy Birthday my BeLoved!

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