Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Birth Story...Part3

Day 2... October 2rd 2010

The night was very restless full of contractions and the doctors had continued to come in and check me fearful that they wouldn't be able to get the second dose of steroids in, but in the morning they were happy to see we were still there. They again asked If i wanted an epidural and like before I declined. My husband shared a very encouraging email that he received that morning. It was a message from Warren Wiersbe called : Remembering the Giver... It basically spoke about how we as Christians we cannot become to comfortable in our circumstances and not depend on God anymore and when we do .... God can change them in a hurry, But we can remember that He will always care for His children in the most dark circumstances. He is always with us. You can read the full message here. This was the day that my mom arrived from California. It was a great comfort to see her and know she was here to be with us. I had seen the fear in her eyes and knew that she was scared. The new obstetrician came in and introduced herself, Dr. J and said that she would be around in case we needed her. I asked her about using the restroom because I still had to go, but she had said.... "NO". I was very uncomfortable and couldn't understand why, but she had explained that it was simply because the muscles were too close together and I could rupture the membranes that held our baby safe. The nurse came in and asked if I wanted a painkiller or ice for the steroid shot that she was about to give me. I had told her "no" that I hadn't even felt the other one and I would be fine. SOOOOO I should have! The shot hurt so bad and then I throbbed... I asked for some ice and had said that it must have been the adrenaline that kept me unaware of the 1st shots affects. I tried to rest most of the day but it was difficult, having my mom there my hubby was able to go home and get a few items to help make our stay in the hospital a little more comfortable. The doctors had said that I would not be going home pregnant anymore however long that would be. The day was filled with many visitors who I knew were praying for us and I certainly felt the peace and power of God. That night proved to be difficult. The contractions were very strong and frequent. I began to spot again and the nurses checked me frequently through the night.

Day 3..... Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 couldn't come fast enough. We listened to our church's sermon on the local radio station, but it was very difficult for me to focus. The contractions hurt and were what seemed to be constant. I was exhausted! I kept telling myself with each contraction that it would be passing soon and I could relax. My mom and husband asked if they could paint my nails, play a game, read a book, brush my hair or anything that they were just trying to help me stay occupied. I knew my hubby was tired too. He was up all night with me writing and keeping track of our contractions and their intensity. The nurses changed the medication to another muscle relaxer in hopes that maybe they could stop the contractions. We watched movies and tried to pass the time, but it was so slow. I was so hungry and finally the doctor said that I could eat something in the evening at 6pm. I had not been able to eat or drink anything since they were sure I would deliver at any moment. I chose prune juice and oatmeal in hopes that It would help me pass whatever was still stuck in me. The nurse had given me multiple stool softeners, but they had not helped. The day had finally come to an end and we were so very very thankful for one more day that our baby had stayed put. The neonatologist had come by to see us and had said that everyday in the womb is 1 week out of the NICU. Each day had presented itself as a precious gift and we hoped for 2 more weeks at least. I was looking forward to trying to sleep with the aid of a sleeping pill that the nurse had suggested. As we got ready for bed we prayed with each other again and asked God to get us through another night of waiting.

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