Monday, September 26, 2011

Unexpected Anxiety

The day is coming that marks the anniversary since our unexpected journey with Caleb began. Even though, there is plenty to keep me busy with moving, plannng a micro birthday party, keeping up with Caleb, and cleaning I find myself reliving those moments. It seems that there are more times that my minds drifts off to "what I was doing last year on this day". Well it was a Sunday and I was helping host a very fun baby shower for a friend of mine. Then I become a little anxious thinking of what is to come on October 1st. It's wierd that I am anxious becasue God provided us with a very surreal sense of peace the ENTIRE time a
nd to feel anxiety now, just seems out of place. But I guess i can use those moments to remmeber how unbelievebly BLESSED we are to have Caleb with us.

Caleb's last visit to the doctor was a good one. He is 27 and three quatrers long and 20.5 pounds. He is already caught up on the growth charts for his actuall 11 month and and his adjusted 7.5 month age. We will plan to incorperate meats into his diet and will see the doc again in Janurary, when she said maybe we can look at introducing milk products. She is confident that Caleb will out grow whatever is keeping him on his high cost diet of broken down amino acids. As of now we were told that we should feed Caleb according to his adjusted age of 7.5 months becasue his digestive tract is still maturing at that rate. I know many people ask about the age difference and it's funny how some

times it matters to one doc and not the next. Caleb is still belly crawling & getting faster and faster each day. He crawls a little on his hands and knees but realizes that it's better for his speend to be on his belly.

If you would like to read Caleb's story you can start it here.

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