Friday, March 30, 2012


I've never been good at change. For me that marks an opportunity to fail at something; it could be something small or big, but none the less it's a chance to fail. I've had so many opportunites to see that God is faithful and His plan for me is good and perfect. I need to work on remembering that everyday, since i have a living reminder of it in Caleb.

Since Caleb turned 1 in October, there have been so many new and exciting changes in our family.

1. Caleb is running all over the place now. He started walking in December and started running shortly after that (what and over achiever!)

2. The little surgery that we opted to have done went wonderfully!

3. He was offically dishcarged form physical therapy in Janurary since he's making all his milestone along with his peers. His therapist said he was one of the fastest micro-preemies she's seen catch up.

4. We moved!

I know that last one probably isn't a suprise for a lot of friends since I am writing this in our new home. God finally answereda long time prayer to move us closer to our family and friends. We diligently prayed for this for the last 5 years at least and now it has finally happened. Once a gain a reminder of how much God knows the desire s of my heart. I have had a few people comment on Caleb's story by way of this blog and I truly do hope that I can keep up with it and our new life. Each day as I watch my son do something new, or sign or say something new I am truly honored to be his mommy. I am so happy that I can chat about our stuggles with great friends who has toddlers nearly the same age. It's pure joy hearing about how our children develop and grow similarly, yet so differenly in their unique way. I am glad I am not the only one praying I don't fail my child in some way. I am glad I'm reminded that mistakes and failures are teachable moments that grow us and change us.

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