Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Small Victories!

I AM committed to making a consistent schedule in posting updates about Caleb. Every single milestone I want to celebrate and give God the glory He deserves. We just got back from California and Caleb was an amazing traveller. He slept all 4 flights to and from California. We went prepared for the worst.... we had toys, pacifiers, chew beads, teething gel, ear plugs, music, and anything else we could think to help sooth him incase it was not a good flight, but I guess our prayers were answered and there was nothing to worry about. However once we got there Caleb's sleeping schedule was less than stellar the 1st night. He woke up several times throughout the 1st night, but finally he settled into a great routine of sleeping 12 hours each night during our visit. My mom was very kind by inviting our family and friends over to meet Caleb and it was a little weird no seeing our son for the entire day as people were visiting with him. Many of you know that Caleb has been teething for the last few months and we have been anxiously awaiting for any indication of his 1st tooth popping through.....well on Saturday, July 16th I saw the tiny tooth breaking the surface of his gums making it's way through Caleb's glistening saliva. Just to be sure I stuck my finger to touch it and sure enough I felt the hard ridge. I was so happy, yet confused because there was no swelling or redness to his gums. Anyway I guess that could be a trend since there wasn't any indication that our little micropreemie would come so early too. Caleb has been doing very well on his solid foods and we have been slowing increasing how much he is eating. I think one of the most difficult parts about being a parent is that there is no set of instructions on how to do things because each baby is so different. We have found what works best is giving Caleb solids in between his bottles and since that has helped us put him on a schedule we are happy. As the year is inching closer to his birthday again I am so thankful for all the nurses and doctors who have made it possible to have our son with us. Thanks for checking in with us!
Be Blessed....

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