Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun times in California!

I wish they all could be California BOYS!!!!!

Caleb took his first trip on a plane to visit his friends and family in California. Here are some pictures of the fun he had while we were there. Since our arrival home Caleb received his 2nd tooth which is fully in now. He has been doing quite well with eating an array of veggies a fruits. His favorites are apple, peas, and sweet potatoes..who could blame the little guy?

His therapy sesions are going well and he is all but crawling....scooting and schimming all over the place. As Ryan and I watch this little miracle grow into a strong and determined little boy there are so many memoires that flood our minds and emotions that overpower our heart. I hardly can't belive that the day he was born he was only 1LB 10 oz and now on the cusp of what I'm guessing is 20Lbs. We really are so honored to be his mommy and daddy. I have been telling Caleb his birth story (kid friendly..of course) but I have yet to find the right version. One day i woudl really like to maybe write it down and have it made into a kids book. what do you think?

California Fun!

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